About me

A modern languages graduate turned international air stewardess turned mummy to two darling girls aged 5 and 2, wife and domestic goddess (ahem) I’m an aspiring author and eternal daydreamer. I'm also a reviewer for novelicious.com

I love tea and biscuits, coffee and cake, chocolates and champagne, stationery and books, photography and fashion, romantic comedies and US TV shows. Apparently I can only like in pairs. Some might say that I have an addictive personality. If my notebook or mug collections are anything to go by they may have a point.

When I’m not staring in dismay at the mess one or the other of my children has created I’m staring at the computer and daydreaming cyberwindowshopping writing. It goes without saying that I love to read. I've always got at least one book on the go but I continually struggle with the battle between a long-term love of real books and a love affair with my kindle. I want to be Jo March when I grow up...

You can contact me by email darlingsanddaydreams@icloud.com and find me on twitter @mrsdarlingx

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