Monday, 10 November 2014

Making me smile on a Monday

Today was about click and collecting some Christmas presents for the girls. Which meant a trip into town that I was going to do at the weekend but couldn't face and decided a Monday morning would be better. I'm sure it was easier than negotiating the weekend crowds but I didn't count on all the tourists loitering around with their wheely cases. Still they were no match for my fox pram.

It was a beautiful day and from my former life working at the waterfront I have a secret parking spot which means a walk into the city centre, but it's a scenic one. It meant my crazy baby had good fun on the way and was tired enough to be good in her pram around the shops. Perfect. She even fell asleep which made me think I could sneak in a quick and peaceful Starbucks. That was until some idiot (me) accidentally knocked on one of the Frozen boom boxes I had just collected and she woke instantly singing 'Let it go' Still she was happy but spent the rest of the day wondering where all those Frozen songs were coming from. Mummy's phone I hope I convinced her.

So not a bad Monday, quite a successful one, and I got new slippers! And not just any slippers but Monty the Penguin slippers. Yes *the* Monty. Okay so I feel slightly guilty that I couldn't get the girls a cuddly penguin but saw no reason why we should all suffer.  My time will come when Father Christmas brings those bloody boom boxes 🙉

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