Sunday, 16 November 2014

Instagrammed filtered lives, now for your text too!

Ok so not filters exactly, and not writing on the image a la A Beautiful Mess which is what I thought it meant when I first saw the new Instagram update announced on Twitter. But the big news is no more typos on Instagram! Yes you can now edit your captions to delete any previous mistakes. The thing is I liked that little bit of imperfection sneaking into our perfectly instagrammed lives. And typos can be quite humorous. Even I made one last Christmas Eve which made me seem even more sarcastic than I actually am, and made me look sweary which I'm not (much). Plus the new option now gives us an added pressure of having to spend time editing our text too!

Should say *shot* obviously. They are very cute though.
Don't get me wrong I'm not going to attempt to redress the balance by posting unfiltered pictures of dirty dishes. I think presenting the perfect image visually is the point of Instagram. There is some debate on how perfectly instagrammed filtered lives are unrealistic and unattainable but I think it's nice to have the chance to showcase the best of things. Really it's amazing that there is this community that presents the best of itself, all things beautiful and yummy and inspiring. What's so wrong with that? 

I am absolutely guilty of attempting to present the perfect image. I don't want to show you the gloomiest corners of my home or the overflowing washing basket. I may let you see my ironing pile but then I do have a pretty Cath Kidston Ironing board cover. Not that I iron all that often, well, I wouldn't want to leave ugly iron stains on that gorgeous cover ;) In all honesty I'm not likely to share the bad things. That's not the type of blogger I am. In the main this is my little bit of happy, of pretty things and cute little people and beautiful places and daydreams. My perfect world.

Obviously (I know this will come as shock to a lot of you ;)) I'm not actually perfect. For example it's possible I may have a habit of painting just one thumb nail when I want to take a picture of my glass of wine before I actually sit down to do the rest. I'm not the only one to do this am I?! No, don't tell me you do it too! I like you just as you are. With your perfectly instagrammed filtered life :) I miss your typos though...


  1. I'm sitting in the Apple store and burst out laughing at the thought of painting just one fingernail for pics! Genius!!


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