Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Being a Parent

As parents we are always there for our children. Nurturing them, helping them to grow, to learn and discover new things. We hope to give them the best start in life so that when it is time they will be ready to make their own way in the world. Sometimes we just have to stand back and watch them as they test their limits, being there to help them when they need it and catch them if they fall. At the moment with two little girls aged five and two this is quite literal on adventures out scooting and trips to the park but I know our role is the same as they grow older, just perhaps more metaphorically. Will I always feel my heart in my mouth whether my little girls are jumping off a climbing frame or taking a leap into the unknown?!

At the moment their demand for attention can feel relentless. Their unwillingness to stay even a night away at their grandparents, their want that we lie with them until they go asleep, then little visitors in the night kicking us in the ribs and punching us in the eyes! But on the plus side of course there are the endless cuddles, the little hands in ours as we walk down the road and the smile on their faces as they run to greet us when we pick them up. This is what being a parent is to us at the moment.

Sometimes I have to remind myself to cherish these moments when their worlds still revolve around us and they are so happy to spend all of this time with us. I know that this will change all too quickly. Already I have seen them grow from newborns to bouncing babies to toddlers to a little school girl right before my eyes and I wonder at how that has happened so quickly. Yes, most of the time being a parent *is* the hardest job in the world but it is also the most amazing and special thing that can happen to you too. When I heard this quote in The Happiness Project (on Audible) it really resonated with me:

          "The days are long but the years are short"

 It is too true.

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  1. Aw love that quote - and what a gorgeous pic x

  2. The years really are short. I blinked and my oldest is nearly 12. NEARLY 12?!

    1. They seem to get shorter and shorter! *sobs* *stops blinking* ;)

  3. Great quote. They do still need you as they grow older. The relationship is different but as valuable. They do, however, still wake you at 2am.....coming home!


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