Saturday, 8 November 2014

A beautiful bonus day with my darling daughters

Monday was an inset day which gave me a beautiful bonus day off with my daughters before my eldest returned to school after half term. We were lucky as the weather also turned out beautifully so we headed to the Pinewoods In Formby...

Although we had set out to visit the woods my eldest was also very keen on heading to the beach. Her sister wasn't quite as enthusiastic, or rather, she wasn't as keen on walking there! My arms are still recovering from the amount I must have carried her about! Still once her feet touched the sand she was just as happy beachcombing as her sister. I don't think grandma was quite as pleased with the pocketfuls of sand they unloaded on her when we popped by afterwards...

As we had gone off plan a little I was a bit concerned that we might be a bit late by the time we actually got to the Red Squirrel Reserve to spot any as they are really at their most active first thing in the morning. But I needn't have been at all as we still managed to see a LOT! My five year old put her count at 43 and although some may be duplicates I don't think she was actually too far off. Some were more friendly than others, I think one little chap was maybe wanting to come home with us ;) 

Such a lovely day of adventures before the start of a new half-term. My youngest is really going to miss her big sister during the school term and I don't relish having to stop her running in after her sister on the school run all the time! At least I know when it's her turn to go there'll be no stopping her, right?...

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  1. Oh my gosh what a beautiful location! It reminds me so much of my favourite beach (holkham in norfolk). Somewhere I'll have to add my 'must visit one day' list. Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Thank you, yes it is a beautiful place, something of a hidden gem we like to think, definitely come visit some day! :)

  3. Oh wow what a beautiful day and pefect location :) lovely pictures ...

  4. Your pictures are gorgeous and what a wonderful place to visit. I just had to click on the link and make sure it really was this country, it looks stunning there and all those red squirrels. I hope the new school term has started back OK and little sister isn't too lonely. I think you are quite right, she will be running into school when her time comes. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful day on Country Kids.

    1. Thank you so much :) It is really beautiful so the photos take themselves really! I love that you had to look it up, and it's quite a surprising location just at the outer boundaries of Liverpool on the North west coast, you'll have to come visit some time! My eldest is more than happy in school, her little sister is having her moments but then well she is (terribly) two! Thanks for hosting #countrykids x


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