Friday, 18 July 2014

Mrs Darling loves...

This week has been pretty darn rubbish. First the car broke down, then the tv died and to top it all off my beloved Orla Kiely flask came apart in the sink.Yes really rather completely rubbish :( Then like a vision of fluffy purply loveliness this delivery from Cadbury arrived on my doorstep. Ok it won't pay the car repair bill or fix the tv but it did bring a great big smile to my face. Who wouldn't smile at a pretty box full of purple feathers and caramel chocolates? And very delicious chocolates they are too. Cadbury Eclairs Velvets to be exact - "a scrumptious, luxurious candy that boasts a soft caramel hiding a chocolatey centre, enrobed in delicious Cadbury milk chocolate".

I've always had a soft spot for Cadbury Eclairs (do you see what I did there?!) ;) When I got my first car my Grandma bought me some as 'driving sweets' and from then I had to keep a constant supply. I kept some in the front cup holder by the air vents and I especially loved it when they got heated up a little so when I bit into them slightly warm melting chocolate burst into my mouth. It was how I imagined the sensation from the toffee popping biscuits in The Faraway Tree to be. Absolutely scrumptious! I loved it so much that I may have even taken to leaving Eclairs on the heater at home to get that popping in the mouth sensation when not in the car. Allegedly. And do you know what the amazing thing is? With Eclairs Velvets Cadbury have recreated this sensation without the need to expose to a heat source first! AND they come with chocolate around the outside too!! Double win :) So thank you Cadbury for bringing a little, very much needed,  joy to my really rather rubbish week :)

*Disclosure* - The Cadbury Eclair Velvets, purple feathers and pretty box were kindly sent to me by Cadbury. All views expressed (and any weird eclair practices) are my own and honest opinions.

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  1. Ain't that a shame? Sometimes, events and situations hit all at once and collide in ways that are unwanted. However, I believe there's a silver lining in all of that. I hope you get your car done and working back again in one piece, or that a better car at least arrives for your use and benefit. All the best!

    Felicia Simmons @ Brandon Auto Repair


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