Saturday, 5 July 2014

Fun at the Summer Fair

Yesterday the weather couldn't have been worse and as I sat in the car waiting for the school run pick up with the rain pounding down I thought how awful that after so much good weather it would be like this for the school Summer Fair the next day. But thankfully I was wrong and the sun gods were kind...

When you are five there are few things more exciting than a school fair. The excitement has been building for weeks. Taking tins into school ('no not peaches mummy I don't like those, no not tuna mummy that's my tuna, here you are mummy, daddy's coffee') selling raffle tickets (okay I mean forgetting to sell raffle tickets and buying them all ourselves), wear you own clothes in return for giving away unwanted gifts donating prizes for the tombola. It's been relentless. And then they actually want us to turn up on the day and BUY stuff. Oh well then, at least it's sunny...

V showed unexpected prowess at Fairground games. It's not that we previously thought her to be uncoordinated and clumsy, okay so we did, but she is, you know, five, and there were all these other bigger people in front doing exceptionally badly. She hooked a duck straight away, was the first to hit a ball on target and picked two out of three prize winning straws! I heard her reflecting on the day to her daddy as he put her to bed - 'I was the champion of champions at the fair today wasn't I daddy?' There is certainly nothing wrong with her ego.

She also showed no hesitation in her race to get on her preferred horse when the carousel stopped. That was the type of thing that would have bothered me as a child. I would be so fixated on getting to go on my chosen horse/car/plane on a ride that any joy of the experience would be ruined by the nervous anticipation of getting the one I wanted in time. Or it added to the fun of it all. I'm not sure. I still feel that when it comes to getting a seat on the train though.

The baby darling was beyond excited when she spotted the 'fire fire'. I have no idea how it started but she is obsessed with fire engines so getting to ride on one was the best thing ever. Even her big sister was quite taken with it. - 'We were the only ones who had a bell mummy!' Oh yes I, and the rest of the waiting crowd, had noticed that. As we deliberated how on earth we were going to get the baby darling off the ride when it stopped the fire engine gods heard us and only went and sent a REAL LIFE fire engine to visit! 

Rather alarmingly V was more taken with the police van that accompanied it and was more than happy to get locked in the back. 'That's the first and last time you ever do that' I said. - 'But mummy, that was the very very best bit of the day ever!!' Oh...

So a good day was had by all. I even managed not to win someone else's junk from the tombola, but I did miss out on buying daddy's coffee back in the 3 for £1 tin sale. It's okay though as he is off the caffeine as he shapes up to be V's coach for the 2024 olympics...


  1. A wonderful day of sunshine and family fun at the summer fair! I do love these events and the great community feel that's generated. It looks like the girls had a wonderful time, thanks for linking up and sharing the fun with Country Kids.

  2. I super love your photos! What camera are you using it looks so magical there. Thanks for sharing this. Morning are rather cold but the afternoons are a delight in here as well in the last days. Today is different tho its raining cats and dogs =P #countrykids


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