Saturday, 28 June 2014

Bike riding daydreams...

Family bike rides are one of our most favourite things in the world ever. Unfortunately we don't get to go on them so much as living in an apartment we don't have anywhere to store grown up bikes so the darling husband and I are sadly bikeless. I often daydream about living in a lovely cottage in a little village where I can travel everywhere on my bike with a basket though, my two little girls following behind... The girls also don't really get to practice as much as I wish they could with not having a garden but we make the most of gardens at their grandparent's homes and family trips to the park. This is why holidays where we can take part in family bike rides are so important to us, and, as corny (and biased!) as it may sound, Center Parcs truly is our destination of choice. 

We love how it is a safe environment with plenty of easy trails and, most importantly, no cars for our family to bike ride in. It is such an adventure to get out together and explore by bike and it is the best way to travel around the site. V used to really enjoy riding in a bike mounted child seat once she was old enough. 

I think it is a great way for children to get a real feel of the exhilaration you can get from bike riding without any of the effort (I wish they did them in my size!) Last year when we visited Whinfell we opted for the trailer as our youngest had just turned one. It is a different experience for little ones but without a doubt the way to travel in style and my girls loved being princesses in their daddy driven carriage!

 V also enjoyed taking the opportunity to practice her own skills on her bike with stabilisers. We were so proud of how well she progressed in just a few days and every day no matter what we had done and how busy we had been she always wanted to get out on the bike for a bit on our return to the lodge. It makes me sad when we come home that she can't get out to practise so easily but it makes these special holiday moments all the more precious.

Although we don't get to go on family bike rides as much as I'd like to, the girls do like to take their scooters everywhere we go.

Scooters are obviously easier to store and throw in the car for trips to the park. V's has also been a huge benefit to us when the baby darling is in her pram and where she might have moaned at walking so far the scooter possesses a magical power her feet alone do not and she will happily scoot on and on and on! I do daydream of a scooter of my own, as well as the Pendleton bike I have long coveted, but for now I'm mainly stuck on pram pushing duty, until we can next take a trip to Center Parcs of course...

This is my entry to the Center Parcs and Tots 100 June challenge. If I’m chosen, I would like to visit Sherwood Forest to see how it compares and to take my family out on our first bike ride where we are all actually riding bikes together since the baby darling just turned two and now has her very own balance bike to get to grips with!


  1. After the dinner dishes were washed, we gathered at the shed to divvy up the bicycles. We have acquired an impressive collection of hand-me-down bicycles in various stages of disrepair, so we felt sure that, given a few minutes with an air pump, socket set, duct tape, and WD-40, we would all be ready to roll.

    A "few minutes" turned out to be more like a half an hour, and the result was pitiful. One child had a bike seat covered with ancient duct tape (from a prior fix-up session, no doubt); somehow the silver tape itself had disintegrated, while its adhesive residue could not be removed or made less sticky.


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