Friday, 9 May 2014

Being a Morrisons Mum (or One Bank Holiday Weekend and a Birthday Picnic)

It was an amazing start to the bank holiday weekend to discover that I'd been selected as a Morrisons Mum. As well as the bank holiday it was also the darling husband's birthday weekend and we were already planning his annual birthday picnic so I was thrilled that thanks to Morrisons we could now make it extra special. Before heading out on my shop I couldn't help but notice evidence of their just launched 'I'm cheaper' campaign on the news and radio which promises new everyday low prices on the things we buy every week. I was also pleased to learn that a £40 shop would also earn me 6p off a litre of petrol.

That evening when the girls were in bed I went to check out our local Morrisons armed with my vouchers. I was worried that with it being quite late on in the evening I might be greeted with low stock levels but I needn't have worried. Fruit and veg was displayed in abundance in the Market Square. Although I don't often normally shop in Morrisons I remember being impressed by The Market Street concept the first time I ever went to one and I still am. I was especially impressed with the fruit/veg/herb sections that were kept cool with cold sprayed water - I have no idea if it helps with freshness but it is visually most appealing!!

Visually appealing cool water sprayed herbs. And, erm, asparagus

Visual effects aside, two things that stood out for me were the amazing price offers on the Fruit and Veg and the vast array of products available. In one offer I was able to purchase three from a selection of fruit and veg for £1.50, that's 50p each! This time I chose cherry tomatoes on the vine, a pineapple and pack of celery. Brilliant value. Also I'm something of a tomato snob, don't ask me why it's just one of my 'things' that although I'm happy to buy value products a lot of the time tomatoes are something I always pay top dollar for. And eggs, I'm most particular about eggs! But I'm happy to report that my 50p tomatoes were as firm and juicy as many other top priced brands I regularly buy. In fact they were good enough to make it into that nights supper, more of that later...

'Smoked' garlic, herb mix bunch, deli picks and bakery treats

I'm not sure I should admit that I started off the Friday night of the bank holiday weekend getting very excited by the things I found in the fruit and veg aisle. But I did. I was intrigued to come across a smoked garlic that wasn't on my shopping list but I had to buy 'just because'. And I thought the bunch of fresh mixed herbs was a brilliant idea, the perfect amount for that special recipe or two so you use them at their freshest and don't find the remnants festering at the bottom of your fridge weeks later. Not that that ever happens to a domestic goddess such as myself, obviously *cough*.

Wine, the veg aisle, more cool water sprayed items and the Deli Express

All in all it was an excellent shopping experience. At my chosen hour I glided down the quiet aisles loading up my trolley with ease and there wasn't anything I wanted that I couldn't get. As well as my obvious obsession with the fruit and veg sections I also loved the wine aisle (I'm only human) and was able to pick up some special treats for our picnic from The Deli Express where it was a struggle not to buy everything! The only slight problem was that the fresh meat and fish counters were closing as I arrived so I didn't get a proper look at them but that was my own fault for choosing a late night (child free) shopping experience and anyway, gives me the perfect excuse to go back!

My #morrisonsmum shop - only half unpacked for the photo but I ran out of counter space!

By the time I got home I was ravenous from all that hard shopping and the darling husband had almost given up on expecting any dinner so I decided to put some of my very recent purchases to the test and whipped up a Goats Cheese salad. A quick and easy deliciously light supper that cost no more than £1 per head (with thanks to Morrisons super duper low veg prices) and saved me from divorce (priceless). Here's the recipe if you're interested:

Yummy Grilled Goats Cheese Salad

1 portion of goats cheese (halved)
Half a red pepper (sliced)
Eight vine ripened tomatoes (quatered)
Half a bag of rocket leaves
Olive oil and balsamic vinegar to drizzle
Sea salt and black pepper to season

Half the portion of goats cheese and drizzle with olive oil. Place under a medium grill. Arrange a few rocket leaves, quartered tomatoes and red pepper slices on a plate. Add the grilled goats cheese and drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and season with sea salt and black pepper to taste. Serve with some fresh crusty french bread if you fancy. Almost too easy and oh so delicious!

The Great British Picnic

At the end of a bank holiday weekend filled with over indulgence on the Monday we headed out for some fresh air and the darling husband's birthday picnic which has been an annual occurrence for the past, erm, two years. Including this one. Since two small people in tow made pub lunches that bit less relaxing. Not that picnics are all that relaxing either when you've a crazy adventurous 22 month old who is much more interested in running as far and as fast as she can than eating. It's a good job the darling husband loves nothing more than running around after her, well it was his birthday treat ;) But once she'd adequately stretched her legs and we'd strapped her back into her pram kicking and screaming we managed to enjoy our deluxe picnic and in true British style we held our ground when the approaching black clouds threatened to rain on our parade and the blustery winds made our eyes water. At least that was until my flask of tea ran out and we decided our lemon cream scones were befitting of a little more luxury and headed home. Besides it would have been irresponsible to light all the candles needed for the darling husbands birthday cake in a public place...

Thank you to Morrisons and Britmums for choosing me as a Morrisons Mum, it meant a lot to us and helped make our bank holiday weekend extra special.

*Disclosure* - In my capacity as a #morrisonsmum I was sent £80 Morrisons vouchers to spend over the Bank Holiday Weekend. All views expressed are my own and honest opinions.

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