Thursday, 20 March 2014

Adventures in Wonderland

Well not really Wonderland. That would be difficult given it's a figment of Lewis Carroll's imagination. But actually Dunham Massey in Cheshire which is a National Trust property set in a magnificent deer-park. The weather was fine so we took advantage of that fact to visit their wonderful Winter Gardens, which are Britain's largest, before it is too late...

V was thrilled to be given charge of the guide and took great delight in ordering us around and telling us we were going the wrong way.

She also rather fancied herself as chief bench tester, a skill set I think she shares with her daddy who does like a good bench. 

I couldn't help but think she was doing her best impression of Princess Diana in this shot. Not that she knows who that is of course...

The baby darling loves nothing more than being able to run free at the moment - her pushchair is her enemy! It is great for burning off her energy but it is a tough job keeping up!

We did at last get her back in the pram. Who says you shouldn't bribe your children? ;)

And of course no day is complete without a visit to the ducks...

A lovely day out was had by all and we even caught sight of a rabbit, although I'm afraid he wasn't white but that's probably just as well given the actual Wonderland was a pretty crazy place and I'm not sure I'd have wanted V following him down any rabbit holes!


  1. Looks like a wonderful day out. I love your photos, and the dreamy, wonderland effect :) Always good to fit in a trip to feed the ducks x #CountryKids

  2. The photo apps really do give the place a wonderland feeling. And great outfits by the way! #countrykids

  3. it does look like a wonderland! That smile says it all.


  4. Lovely happy photos of the girls having a great time exploring the beautiful Dunham Massey. Freedom to explore, spring flowers and duck feeding all make for happy children. Thanks for linking up and sharing your fun with Country Kids.

  5. I love Dunham, it was our local NT property as a child. Not too far away now though, up the road in Northwich so must go once we get out annual NT pass sorted. Lovely pictures.


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