Tuesday, 19 November 2013

What a difference a few weeks makes...

When I saw the theme for this weeks gallery I was eager to join in as I am so obsessed with taking photos of the colours of autumn at the moment! But I have already shared so many on here I had to wonder if I had anything new, and then I remembered these:


The first was taken on a very grey day four weeks ago when the tree was at it's autumnal best - an explosion of colour to fight back on the dullness of the day. The second was taken on a beautiful clear day one week ago - branches almost bare the skeleton of the tree is resplendent against the brilliant blue sky. What a difference a few weeks makes... Of course now I need to capture at least a snowy wintry scene, a blossoming spring setting and a leafy green summer one - watch this space!

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

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  1. Love the contrast and I think my favourite is the first but then I do love Autumn leaves. My daughter once did a fabulous picture with a tree in each of the 4 seasons. Looking forward to seeing the snowy one.

  2. Thank you :) How lovely and a great idea - I think I might set my daughter up with that task this weekend, she is always drawing and I think she'd like to do that! x

  3. Beautiful, both photos. I love the leaves, but there is something very striking about branches against a blue sky.

  4. what a great idea to snap the tree in different states, really lovely photos :-)

  5. Wow...Well done! I love the different colours.
    Boo Kitty Boo XXX

  6. Love the vivid colours in the first picture! Laura x


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