Friday, 29 November 2013

The Many Colours of Autumn

I can't believe that it is almost the end of November - where have the last few months gone?! Autumn this year has been exceptionally beautiful. I think that we have enjoyed it so much as V, at four,  and having just started school is developing a real interest in nature and the changes happening around us. And the baby darling, at 17 months, is fully proficient at walking now and has loved nothing more than kicking through the leaves with her sister! Also with V now at school I've also had the luxury of enjoying long peaceful autumnal walks with the baby darling in her pram, sometimes stopping off for a hot chocolate while she sleeps. It really does feel like I've watched every colour change as it happens and as the leaves are falling now thicker and faster I am really going to miss their beauty...

I asked V what she thought we should put in a poem about Autumn and as Art is her thing when she's not busy jumping in leaves she produced a few masterpieces for us:

She was especially keen that we include lots about colour and leaves and sparkles!!! So here goes...


The Many Colours of Autumn

Yellow, orange, scarlet, russet, brown
The colours the leaves change before they fall to ground.

Shiny patent black, red and grey
The uniform my big girl wore on her very first day.
(Blue was Mummy's mood but she didn't like to say)

Purple, black, silver, green
A little witch collecting treats on Halloween.

Glittering lilac, ruby, peach, violet
Lighting up the skies on Bonfire Night.
(Although they did give the baby darling such a fright!)

Chocolate brown, pink and white
Hot chocolate with marshmallows by candlelight.

Flashes of crimson, evergreen, gold
A new season is coming and it's magical to behold
(Until then children everywhere will do as they're told!)

A time of nature's endings
A time of new beginnings
A time of celebration
The many colours of Autumn


All of Emma's tips were brilliant and they are all things we have done but I would have to say for the reasons above no2 is probably my favourite and the one we have followed religiously!

  "Play outside – Despite the drop in temperature, it’s great to wrap up warm and get outside in the fresh air. The sound of the leaves crunching as you stroll through the park or play in the garden is bound to get you and your children inspired, so why not head outside for a brisk autumn stroll before setting to work on your poetic masterpiece?"

This is my entry to the Center Parcs and Tots 100 November challenge. If I’m chosen, I would like to visit Sherwood Forest as we have never been and would love to see how it compares. Also the darling husband rather fancies himself as Robin Hood after his Archery experience earlier this year so he would be well placed for it ;)

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