Saturday, 23 November 2013

The big switch on...

Most days after we have dropped V at school the baby darling and I go on long walks. She wasn't very impressed with all the early starts when V started school and she was confused at home that there wasn't a big sister bossing her around anymore so it was the best way for her to have a nap (and for me to pop for a peaceful coffee as she slept!) It is also nice for me to be able to do this with her as I used to walk for miles with the pram when V was a baby but obviously this wasn't possible with a three year old in tow. 

Of course some days sleep eludes her and she would much rather get out and play - like this day when she made friends with a squirrel. He was a little glutton for punishment who kept coming back for more!

I can see yooooou!!!

On Friday night we hung around after school in the village for the big Christmas Lights switch on. As it was it turned out to be a bit of an anti-climax as all the lights are attached to local businesses and homes and so have different power points and as V duly noted -'They're already on Mummy!' 

Still she enjoyed the sense of community as children dashed around and people passed around tins of chocolates. Okay I loved the tins of chocolates bit ;) But we'll be back next week as Santa is coming to switch on the big Christmas tree lights, and hopefully his Reindeer will be unwrapped by then!

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  1. She is very clever to notice they are already on though. Our Christmas light switch on is tonight - looking forward to it but the crowds do push and shove a lot.

  2. The lights still look very pretty though, as does the village. It's lovely that people seemed to get into the spirit of things, looking forward to seeing your post about Santa :)

    Just popping over from Country Kids

    Laura x

  3. I love the community feel of events likes this and living in a village we get to experience quite a lot through the year. Very smart of V to notice that the lights were already on at some places. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.


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