Friday, 25 October 2013

Being square...

So a few months ago when I had some ebay proceeds burning a whole in my paypal account I saw some tweets about Mumsnet Blogfest 2013 tickets being on sale. I didn't waste time over thinking it - as is the usual me type thing to do - I just uncharacteristically went for it and bought a ticket. I must have been still on a high after having an awesome time at my first blogging event (Cybher) in June after almost four years of over thinking blogging. I also remember being very jealous seeing the tweets coming out of Blogfest last year and was especially gutted to have missed Caitlin Moran speaking, so I was resolved that this year I was not going to miss out!

Of course I'm gutted that there is no Caitlin Moran this time, but the line up does look fantastic and I have agonised in making my selection on which sessions I will be attending. That's about ten minutes ago when I made the decision that I definitely was going to come and not take the easy option and use the (all too true) excuse that I have a lot on at the moment and wimp out of coming. So my train is booked and I'm linking up here before I change my mind again - I will be there! I've been a bit out of the social media loop recently and actually not such a great blogger so I've no idea who else is going, never mind what I'll be wearing ;) but at least I won't be square, or if square means a bit geeky then I suppose I will be, but I'm hoping I'll be in like minded company...


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