Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A haunted house?

On Saturday we took the girls to an old country hall on an organised ghost hunt. It seemed a good idea for our Scooby Doo mad 4 year old as a Halloween activity. She was excited to be getting all dressed up in her costume - the same as she had last year as she refused to be talked into a new one! When we walked into the first room the audible click of the spooky music being turned on was to us a  huge giveaway but gave our little girl a big fright and she lept straight into her daddy's arms in true Scooby style! By the time we'd moved to the upstairs rooms she did get into the swing of looking for the 'ghosts', obviously even she could tell those big sheets with faces drawn on them were hardly menacing! And just to confirm we didn't traumatise her for life that night when I was slightly worried she might have nightmares she actually woke herself by giggling in her sleep! Phew, not such a bad mummy after all...

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  1. that top pic is gorgeous! no wonder she didn't want a new costume, she looks ace!

  2. Her costume is gorgeous and you have captured her so well in that photo :-)

  3. loving the outfit and so glad no scary dreams xx

  4. Lovely photo. Always a bit wary of Halloween 'fun' too, in case the little monster gets nightmares!

  5. Love her costume, and that is a lovely photo :) Glad there were no nightmares!


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