Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Diono Monterey 2 Car seat - review

We were sent the Diono Monterey 2 Car Seat in Shadow to review as part of their Back to School Campaign. It seemed especially appropriate that it should be for V to review as she is starting school for the first time this September, in just under a week to be precise! *wobbles a bit*

The Monterey 2 is a high-back booster seat to be used from 15-36kg (approx 4-12yrs) and has an extendable head rest and expandable sides to grow with your child and always ensure a comfortable and safe fit. Special features of the Monteray 2 are wings reinforced with steel for extra side impact protection and a sloped seat to ensure your child is always seated correctly which have meant it was recently awarded the top score in the group 2/3 ADAC testing in Germany. The side cushions are made of energy absorbing AirTek foam which provides superior cushioning and increased airflow. The seat can also be packed flat for storage.

On unwrapping the quality of the seat was immediately evident, it felt lovely and solid but adequately cushioned and with a gorgeously soft and comfortable cover. The controls for adjusting the head rest and sides are clearly identified and easy to operate. I was pleased to discover the isofix points (actually known as ISOfast connectors for very good reason!) at the base of the seat as I much prefer to have a child seat fixed in place, it feels much more secure and is especially convenient for when the child isn't travelling with you to keep the seat in position. V was thrilled with the Monterey and couldn't wait to take it for a spin - so aptly enough we got it ready to take it on it's first trip to shop for school uniform! Setting it up out the box was simple, only taking a matter of minutes to attach the seat to the base, and then fitting it to the isofix points in the car took no more than two minutes! The seatbelt was easy to position through the guiders and hey presto we were off!

The first outing a roaring success V has been very happy and comfy in her new seat on many more journeys both long and short. There was even an occasion when she actually fell asleep in there on the thirty minute journey home from her grandparents which never happens anymore and she looked most comfortable with her head resting towards one side of the headrest. Our favourite thing about this seat was without doubt the ISOfast connectors as they were so easy to fit and would make it completely hassle free to move between cars. The only slight issue we had is that the seat is quite wide so it just about left enough space for us to be able to fasten the seatbelt into it's anchor point. Our car is a Grande Punto so it's worth bearing it in mind to ensure that your seat space is wide enough. V's favourite thing is the cupholders which pull out on each side of the seat and in which she likes to store a drink for the journey in one and her favourite toy du jour in the other!

V is very much looking forward to travelling to her first day of school in true style in her Monterey 2 Car Seat (which even matches the colourway of her new uniform!), a lot more than Mummy is looking forward to dropping her off is that is for sure...

We had not heard of Diono before being asked to review this seat but we would definitely consider them in the future and give the Monterey 2 Car Seat a rating of 9/10. You can find more information about the Diono Monterey 2 Car Seat on their website http://uk.diono.com

*Disclosure* We were sent the Diono Monterey 2 Car Seat for the purpose of this review. All views expressed are our own and honest opinions.


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