Thursday, 18 July 2013

A Venture Cove Adventure...

Our Venture Cove adventure started with a very special invite...

A large parcel arrived with special instructions to handle with care which I managed to read just before V tipped the box upside down! We carefully unwrapped to find our very own message in a bottle, something I said I have always wished for since I was a little girl. My little girl said she's always wanted one too, lucky her only having to wait until she was four ;)

Lucky us, thanks to our role as Center Parcs Family Bloggers we had been invited to test out the new family and toddler water playground which was opening at Elveden! Even though we would be on our own trip to Center Parcs Whinfell Forest just the week before and Elveden was completely in the opposite direction and then some we could not do anything but say YES! My daughter promptly wrote out her reply saying thank you and yes please and rolled it up and put it in the bottle. Then while she was sleeping her daddy and I went and threw it into the Mersey so that it could wing it's way to the Center Parcs' team. Obviously.

When the big day arrived my two could hardly contain their excitement ( I'm talking here about V and her daddy. The baby darling is too young to really understand what was happening and is in a permanent state of over excitement anyway) We met everyone at Hucks in the Elveden village centre. It was lovely to meet the other blogger families as well as members of the Center Parcs and Shiny Red teams. While we dined there was help to entertain the children in the soft play area which was much appreciated and both my girls got stuck into the craft activities. The baby darling even brought home her first craft.

When it was time to head off to Venture Cove V rushed out of the play area wearing her pirate hat she had made with her bag of swag from the lovely Center Parc's people draped over her shoulder. I didn't think that she could possibly be more excited and then...

It was thrilling to be told that we would be the first ever people to try out Venture Cove and all of the little ones raced through once the door was opened and set about exploring all of the various water features and slides.

I couldn't believe my eyes when V herself raced straight to the top section of the are for the over fours, Venture Harbour! The baby darling and I decided on a slightly less adventurous start and spent some time paddling and playing at the water table in Venture Bay.

She was thrilled at being able to stand at the table splashing away to her hearts content. One thing I would say though is that a few little accessories in there wouldn't go amiss. Some of the children had brought through their little squirty fish from their swag bags and everyone was grabbing them to play with! Also as a Whinfell Forest regular one of V's favourite things in the children's pool there has always been the little chairs and watering cans and I think something along those lines would be good in Venture Bay for the littlest visitors.
Although my two are too young (and my eldest perhaps a little too cautious!) to really be able to appreciate the Venture Harbour area to it's full extent I did think that it was a well thought out and exciting water play area. The older children were having the time of their lives swooshing down the slides, shooting water guns and tipping buckets of water on rope! I especially loved the look of the lighted flumes which I feel were possibly inspired by the water slide I invented for this Center Parcs Family Challenge ;)

I also liked that the slides landed into shallow bays as one of things that puts V off trying any water slides the most is the fear of going under the water when she lands (I have to admit I felt the same when I was little. Okay I possibly still do slightly ;))

Thank you so much for inviting us along, we were left with too deliriously happy (and extremely sleepy) little girls after our Venture Cove Adventures!

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