Wednesday, 26 June 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

The sun is trying quite hard this year I feel although we do flit between flip flop wearing days (not that I've been wearing flip flops but you know what I mean) and reaching for the wooliest snuggliest cardigan sort of days!

This day was one of the former so I seized it to wear my latest new favourite stripey summer dress from Next. I wore it with my white pull on Converse and my seems-to-go-everywhere-with-me-now Leather Satchel Company pod bag from Cybher. It is just the perfect size for my phone, card, notepad and pen!

My watch and bracelet were birthday presents last year, watch with bird motif from Next and bracelet with bird pendant by fossil. I was already wearing my open heart necklace but when I went to my mums my lovely camera necklace had been left there so I put it on for safe keeping! In homage to the sun and summer the bracelet on my other wrist and ring is from a holiday to Turkey what seems like a very long time ago in the land before children! I hope we can go back soon...

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