Thursday, 27 June 2013

Our fairy house hideout

When I saw that this months Center Parcs June Challenge was to create a Summer Hideout I knew that my daughters would love it. My four year old turns all sorts of things she comes across around the house and outside into little dens and only gets *slightly* exasperated when her little sister proceeds to pull them down/climb all over them. Unfortunately she is very allergic to grass and trees at this time of year so she can't handle those too much or she comes out in a horrible rash :( She is also very sensitive to the sun so when she spotted this fairy house pop up tent in the run up to her birthday I knew that it would be a perfect solution.

The girls enjoying a picnic lunch while Mummy builds the tent. Yes it says 'pop up' on the package but  there are also poles to construct!

Both girls were thrilled with their fairy hideout, and the Disney princesses feel very at home in there too! It was lovely to watch them playing so happily together, V including her little sister in all her highly imaginative role playing games involving fairies and princesses with some monsters and ghosts thrown into the mix for good measure (I blame her latest obsession with Scooby Doo!) I know that this was just the start of the many adventures they will have playing in there :) 

Ah, long summer days are made for relaxing in the garden, admiring all my good work (and I mean both tent building skills and the beautiful children I have created ;))
The best thing about our hideout is that being totally portable when the girls didn't want to come in and leave it for bath time I agreed to bring it indoors and set it up in their bedroom. While the darling husband scrubbed up the effects of a day digging in the garden and eating ice creams I was busy playing in the den  decorating the tent with colour changing fairy lights and lots of cushions and throws. They were beyond thrilled to find it there when they got out and V was determined to sleep in there until the very last minute when thoroughly exhausted she climbed back up to her bed! I was very tempted to snuggle up in there myself though...

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