Wednesday, 15 May 2013

What I wore Wednesday

So the sun shone and I panicked that I wasn't summer wardrobe ready. It's not about the clothes exactly but the fear of emerging from the layers and baring the milk bottle legs and depressingly untoned upper arms *shudders* And then as abruptly as it came, it went. And I was gutted. And then I reached back into the comfort zone of my spring wardrobe and felt much much better.

Nothing earth shattering, just jeans, striped top, jacket and scarf. Oh and Hi-top wedges. I love these so much. They are from the Davina for Next collection and are the perfect example of fashion meets functional. I had been wondering if I could pull off the wedge hi-top trend for a while now as I liked the idea of adding some height while still being comfy and practical. These Davina ones were perfect for me as I also love the leopard print design which takes away from the sporty edge, which less face it, isn't exactly me unfortunately! Yes these suit me much better and I love feeling tall again when out with the buggy, I even have to extend the handle!

My jeans are my saviour from the lift, slim and shape range at Next and I'm finding that I live in them! I know I'm not quite with the 'in crowd' choosing boot cut over skinnies but I like the classic style, and quite frankly I need that boot flare to balance out my hips! I haven't done a very good job of capturing my jacket which is a shame as it's a gorgeous sale bargain from the Next Christmas sale which I'm only managing to wear now that the temperatures are (slightly) rising. It's like a Chanel style boucle jacket, in black with pink flecks and sparkly threads. I was thrilled to find it at less than half price, very me!

Briefly deserting Next my scarf is from M&S, black and white, skulls and stars; a classic combination. 

Yes, I am definitely happier in my layers still for now. I should probably get myself better summer prepared but after last years summer wash out and this years never ending winter is it even worth it?... 

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  1. Cute outfit! I love that shirt. I have a huge thing for stripes haha. And I'm still wearing layers too!


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