Thursday, 16 May 2013

Quote of the day - the book lovers edition

Over a year ago I won a Twitter competition that Milly Johnson was running before Mother's Day. It was to win any one of her books signed as a Mother's Day present. I was so thrilled, it was the perfect present for my then two year old to be able to give me - even then she was aware of how important books were in Mummy's life! When it arrived I was even more happy to find it enclosed in this gorgeous bag. Bags are another thing I have a weakness for and I absolutely adore this quote on the front:

"Finishing a good book is like leaving a good friend"

 by William Feathers

It so aptly describes how I feel when I come to the end of a book I have loved. It's one of those things when a good book has you racing to the end and so eager to get to the conclusion that you can't put it down, and once you have you feel happy and satisfied, you've had a good time and enjoyed the company of the characters. But then a little afterwards when the initial high has passed you find yourself feeling slightly bereft and missing the characters, wondering what they're getting up to without you watching over...

Of course the only cure is to pick up another book, start reading, and hope that it will be just as good!

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