Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A self portrait

I have struggled with this as I hate posting pictures of myself! It doesn't help that there aren't many as I am more usually to be found behind the camera. It doesn't help that I am having an image crisis at the moment either. The darling husband laughed at me last night as I was trying to contort myself into a position to take a photo of myself with my phone at arms length. He wanted to know why I wouldn't just let him take it for me. I insisted that it's meant to be a self portrait so needs to be done by myself. Nothing at all to do with being a control freak obviously. Pictures taken, I messed around with filters and frames but still couldn't make a decision so I slept on it.

This morning those photos just didn't seem suitable at all. For a start I had my freshly washed too-long hair down which I never have, and taken in the soft glow of my lounge lamps I looked a bit like I was in one of those soft focus afternoon movies they used to have on hallmark (what happened to those?!) Not to mention how I'd been filtered to death.

So this morning I tried again. In the natural light. Minimal make up and my hair scraped back as normal. My finger hovered for quite some time over the soft focus filter on my phone but I resisted. Just for you.

I like that I'm slumped in my favourite spot on the sofa with my desk right behind me. I like that you can see a pile of notebooks with my Mother's Day present mug on the top, and if you look very carefully you might spot my kindle and my snowglobe of New York and my bookshelves in the background. I like that my eyes look bluer in the sunlight. I'm glad that I dyed my hair last week. In the end a self portrait I'm pleased with, I think that it provides an accurate reflection of myself...

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  1. It's daft how hard it is to reveal yourself like that isn't it?! I think it's a parent thing - we're so used to being behind the camera rather than in front of it. Lovely photo though (those glasses ROCK). x

  2. Its a great self portrait, lovely pic!

  3. It's a very nice picture and your eyes! Wow :)


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