Wednesday, 3 April 2013


It is the best thing ever to watch our girls together. Now that the baby darling is nine months old they are able to interact more and more and the delight on each of their faces is such a wonderful sight. Big sister has waited patiently for these moments; from the time she lay her head on my tummy to feel her sister kick; to the moment her newborn baby sister curled her tiny hand around her little finger; to the delight they both get when she reads her favourite books to her; to the new found joy she feels when her little sister squeals with delight and bops up and down as she watches her big sister dance around the room. It is amazing to witness how already they have this magical bond. V says that her baby sister will always be her best friend and I hope that stays true. One of my greatest wishes for them is that they will always have this closeness. Sisters. Better, together...

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  1. Its so lovely to see isnt it! do they get on well?

  2. So lovely to see, I chose this take too. Lovely photo x

  3. Love the bent heads and the concentration


  4. SOOO cute - they look very close. My little Z and niece are like this (they also fight like cat and dog though!)

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