Thursday, 25 April 2013

The one where I become a Center Parcs Family Blogger - and you could too!

It was just an ordinary quiet evening at home, the darling husband and I enjoying a few moments peace and a coffee on the sofa, grateful that the teething baby darling seemed to be more settled tonight. I took the opportunity to talk about the latest Center Parcs Family Blogger challenge on Tots 100. And then the strangest thing happened. My phone did it's typewriter noise which is the sound effect I have for blog related stuff (yes I am that geeky) and as I glanced at the subject line I hoped beyond hope that the contents would be what I had been daydreaming about reading over these last few months of completing the Center Parcs Family Blogger challenges. Then I found myself jumping up and down on the sofa. It was an ordinary quiet evening at home no longer. It was extrordinary. I couldn't believe it. They'd picked ME! I was to be the second wildcard winner to become one of the Center Parcs Family Bloggers! 

Blogger Club Badge

I am beyond thrilled to be joining the Center Parcs Family Blogger team and so excited and honored to be working with Center Parcs and Tots 100 on this project. Obviously winning a holiday to Center Parcs is quite nice too ;) My three year old is overjoyed to be going to her favourite place in the near future and is so proud that she played a big part in doing the challenges with Mummy. She can't wait to show her baby sister what's what and take her swimming!

I'm glad the January - March challenges got us the gig as April's challenge had me slightly worried. You see we don't have a garden so gardening is not exactly our forte! There is nothing V likes better though than to spend all the time in her grandparent's gardens that she can and she especially likes to help with the 'diggin' and 'weed pullin'. It is funny because what immediately came to my mind when I read the challenge was growing new things whereas my husband thought of garden maintenance - chopping and pulling and cutting! Maybe I'm glad we don't have a garden afterall...

Luckily V is great at helping Grandad with the maintenance side of gardening especially as he has 'poorly knees'  which restrict his bending! Not wanting to be left out the baby darling was also very helpful in the harvesting of daisies from Grandad's lawn...

When we came home it was my turn to direct the challenge my way. I had picked up some planters for Strawberries and Sunflowers that I thought the girls would love to watch grow, and I may have also sneaked in some Freesia for me :) And direct is precisely what I did. I let the girls and daddy get mucky with the pots and compost, once I'd covered my floor in old newspaper of course. V loved planting the seeds and watering them. The baby darling loved trying to eat the soil. Hopefully the Strawberries will grow soon and she can eat those instead...

A week later the first shoots are appearing on our Sunflowers. V is already sure that her Sunflower will grow to be the tallest of all. She is planning on taking it to nursery and to grandad's and she'll probably want to take it to Center Parcs with us too!

If you would like the chance to become a wildcard Center Parcs Family Blogger like us then you could enter this months family challenge. And/or look out for the new challenges which will be announced on Tots on the first Friday of each month. Once your post is ready just be sure to tweet your entry including the Center Parcs and Tots 100 twitter handles and the #CPFamilyBreaks hashtag in you tweet. The full terms and conditions can be found here. Good luck!


  1. Congratulations on becoming a Center Parcs Family Blogger, welcome to the team. I did love your pancakes :)


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