Saturday, 27 April 2013

Happy National Stationery Week!

So apparently it's National Stationery Week. How could I not pop into Paperchase and stroke a few notebooks, you know just to show that I'm thinking of them on this momentous occasion? And then, how could I not walk out with this trio of stationery gorgeousness?!

I was trying my hardest to resist and then this notebook actually spoke to me! ('meow meow buy me!' it said, or something like that, I can't be one hundred percent sure I was somewhat distracted that a notebook was actually talking ;)) Cats AND glitter, what's not to love? As I'm sure you're already fully aware an aspiring author, such as myself, can never have too many notebooks. Then I saw the pen! It's one of those change the colour pens, but with just two options selected by each of the ears. It makes the cat look slightly deranged as you write, deranged but cute :) And then I remembered that I absolutely needed some sticky notes for novel planning and luckily enough there were some available in the same range. Awesome. And then some. Sorry I can't stick around (snigger) I have new stationery waiting to help me plot and plan...

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