Wednesday, 6 March 2013

What I wore Wednesday

Another day, another White Stuff dress. And not just any other White stuff dress, but another typewriter print White Stuff dress! I was possibly more excited than is normal when I found this dress in the sale after falling so madly in love with my other 'a dress to write in' dress! You know when you love something so much you want to wear it to death but at the same time don't want to as you don't actually want it to die?! Well, at least now it's not too much of an urgent issue as I can alternate. This dress is actually the same style as the hope dress I bought for Christmas but with a similar colourway to the other typewriter dress and very me. It even has little typewritten letters on it which now has me hankering after some pendants I have seen like this...

I'm wearing it with my pink opaques which bring out the pink in the dress (and help me brighten up the grey outside) and black suede ankle boots. My necklace was a Valentine's Day present from the darling husband. It is from the Alex Monroe Alouette collection and is such a pretty green cameo style with bird detail. I also like that you can see my new phone cover in the picture. It was a steal from amazon, a pink haired geek girl who I see a lot of myself in ;)


Thank you for your comments, they make my day! :)