Monday, 18 March 2013

The demise of 'lellow'

Little lady in 'lellow' (aged 22months)

The other day my big girl said something that brought tears to my eyes. She was laughing hysterically as she said it:

'That was silly wasn't it Mummy.' *giggle giggle*
'What was darling?' 
'I just said 'west'. It's not 'west' is it Mummy? It's 'vest'! That was very silly!'
'Erm, I think it might be west...' I tried tentatively, avoiding eye contact.
'No, Mummy, you are silly' *profuse giggling* 'It. Is. 'Vest'. I'm putting on my 'vest'. Silly us saying 'west.''
'Yes, we are silly.' *profuse inner sobbing*

We can hardly remember a time when V couldn't talk; she has always been so advanced at it. Anyone who met her would marvel at the conversations she could have before she was even 2. And in the main I help her improve as much as possible. I mean I'm actually quite strict when it comes to grammar, correcting her when she uses a made up past participle etc. And after her two days in nursery I'm constantly picking her up on the scouse inflections that she comes home with.('It's 'there', not 'der' darling.' I have just pointed out while typing this) As well as that other little thing we disagree on when she's been to nursery: 'Are we having dinner now Mummy?' 'Yes we're going to have our 'lunch.''

But we have been a bit naughty and tried to hold on to some of her cuter interpretations of certain words, even using them ourselves. 'West' was one of them, and was part of a busy week for her little brain working out all the words Mummy and Daddy had been leading her astray on. One night when the darling husband came home from work she was busy telling him what a lovely day she and her dolls had enjoyed:

'And then we had a picnic on the rug.' The husband looked at me horrified.
'Not a pic pic?' he said.
'Nooooo! Silly Daddy, it's 'picnic' *more giggles*
'Oh.' *more inner sobbing*

The darling husband did the brave thing and broached the subject first:

'What colour is the sun darling?'. Without so much as a blink she replied.

It's okay though; one of her favourite dinners is still 'bisagne'. But she calls it tea.


  1. Awwww I completely understand this!! Z says Babbitt for rabbit and "tataboo" for "W" and we never correct him because its so cute. (That's not bad is it?)

    1. Of course not! (Or am I not the best person to ask?!)

  2. Ah it's so hard isn't it, letting go of those sweet little things they say. I have to be honest, my 3.5yr old says micro-cave and I can't bring myself to correct him. Before that it was 'milky-cave' and it was bad enough when that disappeared.

    1. I know! One of the cutest things she used to do before could say many words was do a little snort to show he wanted to watch Peppa Pig and I still miss that!x

  3. Aw, I keep correcting Elizabeth but maybe I should just enjoy the cuteness until she works her words out properly!

    1. Exactly! As you can see she'll get there on her own whatever you do! :)

  4. Beautiful! I know how you feel. We want them to learn and grow up but then we lose a part of how we first knew them. Hold on to those gorgeous memories! x

    1. Thank you; it is such a mixture of feelings, overwhelming pride tinged with sadness as they grow and learn new things. Sometimes we need to stop and just appreciate those small moments before they are gone forever... x

  5. My friend's Grandson told me two weeks before his second birthday that it would be his birthday and that he'd be 2 - He then proceeded to tell me how old his sisters were and in order of their age from youngest to oldest - I nearly fell over. Then again him and his sister (next up - poor boy has 3 sisters!) are both advanced when it comes to walking and talking - I think both of them pretty much skipped crawling to try and keep up with the older siblings.


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