Monday, 4 March 2013

Quote of the day - the World Book Day edition

In honor of World Book Day I thought that I would dedicate this week on my blog to all things book related. And there seemed to be no better place to start than this: 

When I was hiding in bed reading at the weekend this bookmark fell out of my book. Such a nice surprise to happen upon, I hadn't known it was there and don't think I'd seen it for years. It was from a little book shop in Canada when I used to travel there often with work, it just came with my purchase. I love this quote. To me books are these amazing dreamworlds we get to escape to when we open them up. Wonderful authors invite us in and we get to lose ourselves in their worlds as we read. To me also to see my words written down and in print would be a dream come true. My dream written down. So it was a good and timely reminder to keep working at it and maybe,one day, it might just happen...

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