Saturday, 30 March 2013

Nici UK products review

When we saw the package of goodies that arrived from NICI my three year old thought that Easter had come early; I thought that they had sent me a little bit of my blog! Our 'Wild Friends' package comprised of a soft cuddly monkey, a soft little snake, a multi compartment pencil case, an A4 notebook and a gadget/mobile phone holder.

The monkey was an immediate hit, especially with my three year old monkey :) We have a soft spot for monkeys in this house ever since spending a fair amount of time with them on our Malaysian honeymoon. The Nici monkey is so beautifully soft and well made and I was pleased to see he is even suitable from birth.

I wasn't sure how popular the snake would be but actually my daughter was immediately taken with him as we had recently made our own snakes for Chinese New Year. Not as cute or soft as this Nici one though. My three year old was thrilled to have her own 'year of the snake' snake.

She was especially pleased to pop him in the gadget/phone case for a trip to the 'shops' (ie her bedroom) By the time she came back though he was in her hand and her favourite play phone was in the case. Personally I love the long strap on the case as it is perfect to pop your phone and card in and nip to (the real) shops for a couple of messages in the knowledge that you have all you need right with you without the need of a handbag.

Anyone who reads my blog will know that I am addicted to stationery so these were very well received! I really wanted to keep them for myself but felt mean on my daughter as she is also a huge stationery fan so I told her that we'd share. Straight away she had the notebook open drawing away; Minutes later when I found her filling the case with all of her pencils I said 'I thought we were sharing darling' she replied:
'I'll tell you when it's your turn Mummy'. That was me told.

Nici is a brand I feel great nostalgia for as it reminds me of European holidays abroad. I would spend a whole trip daydreaming about a little keyring/ cuddly toy/ pencil tin I had seen and saved up my spending money especially to buy one of these special items on my last day. I love that my daughters are now getting to know this brand especially as the products are of such high quality and wide appeal. We loved the Wild Friends range of products we were sent and I also have a soft spot for the spring inspiring Jolly Sheep range. You can buy the gorgeous Nici products nationwide and online direct from and at other online retailers including, and

Nici Uk very kindly sent us these Nici goodies in return for our honest review

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