Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Mrs Darling daydreams...

Stuck under a sleeping poorly baby I wished as I so often do that we lived nearer to our families. Given I was trapped for the moment I allowed myself to have a little browse on rightmove at the properties at the lowest end of the market in their area. Then a glance across at Twitter alerted me to the fact that tonight was to be a euro millions rollover of last weeks super draw. I thought well maybe there wouldn't be any harm in daydreaming that little bit longer as I switched my search to highest priced properties first. And there it was; My Dream Home. I feel it is destiny that I win tonight as on that first page of results was a property I have long coveted. It is possible that I *may* have driven past it once or twice and daydreamed about driving up the drive. It's not that I wouldn't be happy in one of the smallest houses, I was blissfully happy daydreaming about them a few minutes earlier. It's just that if I won NINETY FOUR MILLION POUNDS then why not aim a little higher?! THIS much higher:

Obviously, I'd probably want to spend such vast lottery winnings on a few more things too, but it's not like I've not daydreamed about all that before, right here in fact. And don't worry, I won't forget about you when I'm a millionaire; I'll still blog. From my brand new Macbook Pro. At my poolside. Sipping vintage champagne...

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