Monday, 11 March 2013

Making me smile on a Monday...

I was going through tagging some posts over the weekend and as I went through these I laughed to myself about how many involved cups of tea and magazines! My children won the day though with more than the fair share being posts or pictures of them. When I started posting these 'Making me smile on a Monday' blog posts it was to try and see the good in small things when the dreaded Monday morning comes along. Sometimes it was just a photo reflecting on good times spent with my little family, or memories of a holiday, a walk in the park, or a few minutes peace with a hot cup of tea and new magazine :) Today had such a promising start with sunshine and snuggles in bed from my girls. It turned horrid with news that optimistic thinking about the car's condition was not as powerful as I might have hoped with a repair bill coming in worse than I had dared to imagine. And then some :( God it would be easy to slip into a depression and feel angry and hard done by and in part I totally do. But recent events in the blogosphere remind me how lucky I am to have our little family, our wonderful extended family and our health and (mostly) happiness. And when all I have to do is smile to get this reaction how could I not?!

Of course I can't promise not to kick the car if we ever do get it back though ;) What made you smile today? 

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