Friday, 29 March 2013

Chocolate *is* our speciality...

When we heard that this months Tots100/Center Parcs challenge involved chocolate we couldn't have been happier, after all chocolate is our speciality :) The problem would be more what not to post so we limited ourselves to just a few Easter specials:

We basically made up this cookie recipe a few weeks ago when we were seriously lacking any biscuits in the house but I had thankfully started to stock up on Easter goodies for me. It's not rocket science; just take your basic cookie recipe and substitute the chocolate chips contingent with Easter treats. We split our mixture in two and added 100g chopped mini creme eggs to one half and 100g chopped mini eggs to the other. I'm still not sure which is my favourite...

Chocolate slab is our speciality of specialities. At Christmas we made it as gifts for special relatives and gave a Christmassy feel with a pistachio, cranberry and edible glitter topping. Basically melt 200g dark and 200g white chocolate. Pour one over the other and allow small person to swirl together. Then allow small person to add topping at will.
For our Easter themed gifts we used hundreds and thousands, mini eggs and, yes you guessed it, edible glitter. It is so easy to make and such creative fun can be had. As my three year old says 'I'm in charge of everything except the pouring of the hot melted chocolate'. And have you seen how much they charge for such 'Artisan Chocolate bars' in John Lewis?!

Stealing an idea from the shelves of aforementioned famous store We also came up with our very own Easter egg cupcakes. I would love to tell you how complicated it was to reproduce these but it was basically; take chocolate egg, put in cupcake case, add a swirl of buttercream and decorate to taste. We used Smarties mini eggs for this one, just in case you were wondering if we were sponsored by Cadbury (we're totally not mores the pity)

I think that what we have learnt from this is that expensive looking chocolate doesn't have to cost so much and can even be made by three year olds. Maybe it is...

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