Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Death by Pancakes

This is quite possibly the best week of the year, food wise, what with starting off with Chinese New Year, now Shrove Tuesday and then Valentines on Thursday! So much good food has been eaten already but I am still willing to put the effort in for Valentines (with a little help from an M&S dine in deal of course ;))

So tonight was all about the pancakes. I do love Pancake Day as I love pancakes and eat them as often as we can but Pancake Day gives the perfect opportunity to over indulge and we did a good job of that this evening :) I'm not going to bore you with a batter recipe as I think that everyone has their own that works for them, and whether you make yours from scratch, use a bag of  batter mix, one of those new shake bottle things or even (shock horror) buy them ready made, for me really, it's all about the fillings!

Starter - Cheesy Spinach Crepes

In an attempt at being good we started with savoury. This recipe is adapted from my time as a student living in Spain for my degree course and these were a staple in our weekly diet. That sounds a bit random and you may think I should have put France there but one of the girls from my Uni lived with two French girls and so much of what we ate was influenced by them. Don't worry though, Tortilla also played a big part in our weekly diet. Oh yes and Sangria too ;)
125g frozen spinach
125g ricotta
1 Tablespoon milk
100g Cheddar (grated)
Salt and freshly ground pepper
Pancakes (prepared as per your preference)

1.Heat the spinach in a pan with the milk. Once it is all thawed and heated through add the ricotta*, mix then add half of the cheddar. Season to taste. 
2.Distribute and add filling to the pancakes, and roll. Sprinkle the remainder of the cheddar over the top. If you wish (and can wait a few minutes longer!) it is nice to pop them under the grill for a few minutes until the cheese bubbles. My three year old prefers her 'rubbed' cheese just as it is though.

*I've been all posh here and used ricotta but really you can use any soft cheese. As a student we used Philadelphia. It can also be nice to add some fried mushrooms to the mix and different cheeses for alternative tastes. (I couldn't as my three year old at the moment flatly refuses to eat any green veg but luckily cheesy spinach apparently doesn't come under that umbrella and I wouldn't like to rock that boat by changing it up right now. Also I think having your children eat savoury pancakes for Pancake Day is a bit of a stretch as it is and trying to balance it out even more could possibly be considered child cruelty ;))

The Main Event - The Classic Lemon and Sugar Pancake

Erm, I'm not going to give any instruction here. Except that it should be Jif lemon. In a plastic lemon. I blame the parents. Besides real lemon slices make me think that I'm getting Gin.

Dessert - Hot Chocolate Pancakes

Basically we emptied our cupboards of all the bad stuff (as is the point of Shrove Tuesday. Obviously I'm off the shops tomorrow to restock) and came up with this:

1. Spread Nutella over the Pancake
2. Add a serious squirt of squirty cream
3. Throw on some mini marshmallows and any small chocolates you have to hand. These happen to be mini Rolos in a nod towards Valentines, but buttons, lucky stars etc work just as well (so I'm told...)
4. Dust with hot chocolate powder, and ENJOY!

I just have one question for you all (which I was wondering as I tried to squish that last pancake into a roll) do you always roll your pancakes or just eat flat?

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