Monday, 11 February 2013

A Catalogue to die for

It is no secret that over the last few months I have developed a bit of an obsession with White Stuff as you might have seen here, here or here. I am absolutely in love with their dresses, gorgeous quirky prints and a beautifully flattering fit. I am very much a dress girl and while in the past I have struggled to find styles I like, I feel that I would always be able to find something suitable from White Stuff.

So as if I wasn't already head over heels what should turn up in the mail this week but the best catalogue EVER! A catalogue to die for in fact. Of course it was from White Stuff. I instagrammed a picture and it had the most likes I've ever had on there. It is based on the theme lo-fi, sort of a back lash to the high tech world we live in and it is designed to look like an old school exercise book.

Now, as if the outside beauty wasn't enough once you venture inside there are even more surprises in store. Take the point by point instructions on how to cover your 'magalogue' to protect it, or the recipe for Apple & Blackberry Pie, or even information on a Balloon Race to be held at their shops after Easter.

An absolute joy to pore over as you enjoy a cup of tea and cake (obligatory I'd say) I don't remember ever seeing a catalogue I loved as much as this one, and I've been a catalogue fan ever since I would spend hour upon hour as a small girl in my grandmas, marking everything I wanted out of her Littlewoods directory.

All this without a word on the actual contents, the range it promotes. Well, obviously, I love it! Too much possibly and there are far too many pieces that I have my eye on. But here is a selection of a few of my favourites:

From top left clockwise: Mason Dress £49.95, Plain hundreds & thousands Mac £79.95, Ledbury Birds Wool Scarf £25.00, Lekki Dress £49.95

*This is absolutely not a sponsored post I just loved the White Stuff magalogue so much I wanted to share it with you. Do you think I'll get anything I've selected for Valentines Day *nudge nudge wink wink* ?

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