Tuesday, 29 January 2013

A chair to write in

Well, no these obviously aren't 'the chair', but these are the beautiful implements I have been utilizing today. The first is a 'dress to write in'. Now this is actually my second of these as I loved my first so much I had to snaffle up this one too in  The White Stuff sale. I mean how perfect is it with it's little typewriters and mini letters? And don't get me started on how much I am in love with White Stuff right now, I mean even their labels with the 'you found me...' message and little buttons are just so beautiful *happy sigh* The second is my new keyboard and mouse which are most certainly the prettiest keyboard and mouse I have ever come across and I am so glad that I did *happy face*

So you see, I really do not have any excuses for any writing procrastination anymore. In fact I am very proud  of myself this week as yesterday, at exactly two minutes to midday, I sent off my entry to Lorraine's Racy Reads Competition. I mean I am absolutely not sure that this is the sort of writing for me but given my New Years Resolution and all, especially the feeling the fear part, I thought that I should give it a go, and who doesn't love a bit of Jackie Collins? It would be amazing to win the chance to meet her, although I would also be completely terrified of course, nothing a few cocktails over lunch in LA couldn't fix (would that be terribly unprofessional?)

Except all this time at my desk admiring all my writing equipment  writing has made me realise that my chair is not really up to the job. It's not even a real desk chair, just one of my dining chairs pulled across. Now we all know how that can't possibly be any good for my back and so I have found myself having to research possible chair candidates (for the good of my health obviously) And I have found the perfect chair. It's  comfortable, covered in the most gorgeous print and most importantly of all it has wheels you can spin around the room on  is supportive. I'm sure you'll agree I couldn't possibly write another word without it...

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