Wednesday, 6 June 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

I'm hopeful that this might just be my last 'What I Wore' with a bump given that next Wednesday is my due date! Would love to post me wearing a baby next week but we shall see...

So this week does actually see me in maternity wear. The coral jeans I just love, they are maternity skinny jeans from Next. Now that just sounds all wrong to me, how on earth do you put 'maternity' and 'skinny' together?! I'm definitely not the latter! But they do have a great fit which I think is quite flattering. I adore the colour. I know I'm going to miss them when the bump is gone, and it'll be some time before I'll be in standard skinnies.

My t shirt is from Mothercare and I saved it from my last pregnancy. I was a lot more into wearing clothes announcing my pregnancy last time, I suppose it was the novelty and at least people can tell that your not just fat if they read what your top says. I still like this top, it's a nice soft material and fit and again it will be missed :(

My shoes are my current favourites featuring both flowers and sparkly jewels. Luckily they feature a little coral to go with my jeans, and they are also from Next. Even now the sun has again retreated these make me smile every time I spy them they are just so darn pretty :)

Last but not least is my scarf, a little nod to the weekends jubilee celebrations (which were just amazing by the way don't you think?) You may have seen it somewhere before, and I don't just mean on my blog. Yes, I am most proud to own a piece in my wardrobe which also resides in that of Duchess Kate. It is without doubt one of the only things she has worn that will go near me, with or without bump! And if I'm supporting a good cause as well then all the better, my duty here is done.


  1. Gorgeous bump and lovely outfit, especially love the scarf. Hopefully next week you will be accessorising with a beautiful newborn. x

  2. Aww thank you, fingers crossed! *scoffs more pineapple* x

  3. You look so great and so fashionable,love your outfit... wow at the end of all my 4 pregnancy's I looked so old fashioned!!.Looking forward to next weeks post,will be stopping by to see if you have your baby all the best :)


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