Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Bump Diary - 38 weeks

This week has seen V turn three, and with more birthday celebrations than the Queen has had for her Jubilee it's been very hectic! On the days when I'm running around busy I'm quite impressed with myself at how much my 38 week pregnant body can do. But then the following day each time I am so utterly exhausted I can hardly move. Of course the unusual hot weather did not help.  I would hate to be one of those people who complain about it being too hot but the first night that it was cooler and I managed a full nights sleep I was so relieved. Plus when V was born it was a heatwave and the hospital was unbearable as was the worry over keeping our room cool enough when we brought her home.

This weekend has mainly been spent eating lots of M&S Jubilee goodies and packing and re-packing my hospital bags. After a delivery from Mothercare this week I feel more prepared to bring a baby home but then I think of the things we don't yet have and think she might be better staying inside a bit longer afterall. And I think she might just do that.

Although I'm actually very nearly 39 weeks I don't feel any signs that the baby might be coming any time soon. I am able to get around quite easily, I don't feel a heaviness in my pelvis and I still don't waddle like I thought all pregnant women did! When I saw the midwife for my 38 week check she asked me about Braxton hicks. She said they help push the baby's head down into position, but I haven't had any of these either, nor did I with V. This got me worrying a little that it was a sign I'd go overdue and need to be induced again when I was really hoping to be able to go to the midwife led centre this time.

And so this week, now that V has had a week of birthday celebrations to herself, I think it's time to get serious *sips raspberry leaf tea* *heads off to eat curry for dinner*

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