Saturday, 12 May 2012

Cybershop Saturday - Floral Fashion Picks

I am a very girly girl and have always liked floral in my wardrobe - the tea dress is to my wardrobe what jeans are to most others. Perfect for all seasons and occasions. Can be worn simply on it's own in summer. Dressed up with heels, down with converse. Cover up in winter with opaques, boots and a snuggly knit. Complete versatility, what's not to love?! So it's nice when floral hits the high street en force and I can browse beautiful prints to my hearts content safe in the knowledge I led in this trend from the start ;)

In an effort to widen my horizons I have been coveting various (shock horror!) non dress items. An easy choice which combines my love for floral with all things sparkly are these gorgeous ballet pumps from Next:

Navy Floral Jewelled Ballerinas
A big trend this season are floral trousers. At first I wasn't at all sure but the longer they have been around the more I feel myself falling for them. But do I indulge in the maternity version from ASOS or do I wait until after the baby is born to try out a palazzo style from Next?

ASOS Maternity Cropped Trousers In Floral Print

Oriental Palazzo Trousers

Another huge hit this summer is the jumpsuit and I am in love with this one from Dottys P's:

I have to ask myself the question am I too old and, even when not pregnant, too fat to carry off a jumpsuit? I was the proud owner of 2 when I was 19 and they served me well, although I was obviously much younger and thinner then. I may just have to buy one to find out...

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