Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Bump Diary (begins) - 37 weeks

When I first found out I was pregnant I thought yay I can do a bump diary! But in those early weeks of course that would have meant telling the world already and we'd decided not to. At the 3 month mark I had undertaken a full time training course at work and morning sickness, or rather all day, all night, all the time sickness had set in. Just getting through each day was a serious struggle and there was no time for blogs or twitter. I did keep some notes in the hope that I'd write it up in a consolidated post one day but quite frankly decided it would be rather depressing reading and that's just not the way I write on here. Besides there are plenty of websites and blogs out there that tell stories similar to mine in a much better way I'm sure!

So at 37 weeks pregnant welcome to my 'very last few weeks of pregnancy blog'! I can start now as being on maternity leave affords me more free time (although alas not as much as first time around what with a two year old now in tow) and, just as last time around, somehow these last few weeks are when I'm at my best so hopefully not too much depressive writing  ( Dear bump - that doesn't mean I give you permission to be two weeks late like your sister!) Of course I've been up since 4am forced awake by horrendous heartburn and then my head swirling with all the things that need doing.

The last few weekends have been spent in full on nesting mode with various diy projects going on. At least the husbands been doing the diy, I've been doing the pointing and beer pouring. To be fair on my part it has also meant lots of cleaning and decluttering on the go. It's been great to get things done, see how much clutter we've managed to get rid of and I feel much better knowing, for example, we have a nice new bedroom to bring the new baby home to. But it has been exhausting and so this weekend we are having a well earned couple of days off for fun in the sun. I am itching to get back on with the cleaning tho...

They say the bump could arrive any day now but I just can't imagine it happening. After being induced at 2 weeks overdue with V the most part of me just expects the same again. I really hope that's not the way, in fact I'd rather like a jubilee baby given my obsession with all things such like ;) Once V has had her birthday next week you can be sure I'll be trying all the 'get this baby out' methods. Not that they worked last time but worth a shot. Don't think I've eaten pineapple since so that could be interesting, but nothing like a good excuse to eat lots of curries :) Watch this space!


  1. I remember eating a lot of pineapple around the same stage. Didn't have much effect except give me a sore mouth! Good luck with those last few weeks.

    1. Thank you. No, not on me either but don't think I want to risk not trying! *waddles off to fruit section* x


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