Sunday, 29 April 2012

Royal Wedding Memories

A year ago today millions of us watched as Kate married her Prince. It was perfect, and probably the day my obsession reached fever pitch.

The Royal Wedding Party

I was three when Charles and Diana got married but I remember it clearly. My mum arranged a party and we watched the magical fairy tale in awe. I wanted to give V a similar experience for the wedding of Kate and Wills. I decorated the living room with Union Jack bunting and served up a lavish brunch topped off with tea in Royal Wedding mugs of course! My daughter loved it. She was entranced watching the real life Princess marry her Prince and was thrilled waving at all the Royals in their carriages. To this day she has the Royal wave perfected! 

One of the ways Kate and Wills might be celebrating today

 Happy Anniversary Kate and William!

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