Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Happy National Stationery Day!

Well, I couldn't let such a momentous occasion pass without a post now could I? Afterall one of the first posts I ever wrote was about stationery and how much I am addicted. And if you can't browse stationery on National Stationery Day then when on earth can you?! (ok, most days, but three cheers for a valid excuse for once!)

Yes I am continuously browsing and this little beauty has caught my eye on a number of occasions now. I adore Filofax and even though I love my Blackberry (controversial I know!) there will always be a use in my life for the paper planner. This one is just perfect for the purple loving twitter addict in me.

Songbird Personal Organiser
Next on my wishlist is a collection of pretty little notebooks from the Caroline Gardner range. Cupcakes and flowers, what more could you ask for? And the perfect size for popping in your handbag where a notebook obviously always resides.

On such an occasion as this it seemed only right to linger longingly on the Smythson.com web site. One of these days (at least) one of these most prestigious of notebooks will be mine...

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