Monday, 5 September 2011

New Term

I always loved the start of a New Term. In particular the September term with the new uniform, bag, shoes and stationary. Ahhh I can just smell the dreamy aroma of a new pencil case as I type.  Yes, I was a bit of a geek and I loved going back to school. And I loved the promise of a new start with the new term. Even more than January New Years resolutions. I think that September as the start of the new academic year is a better time for new starts and resolutions.

So, while I'm not starting back at school myself or even have a school age child (as yet, although I feel that time approaching rather too rapidly!) I don't have the new uniform or bag (although I'm working on that one!) I do have a lovely new academic diary and pink fluffy pen!

Therefore it seems only right that I should make some resolutions for the New Term. I jotted down some ideas (with my pink fluffy pen of course) and the list was getting quite extensive. Looking back over them I realised first of all that I was being a bit hard on myself (be a better wife and mother? don't I strive for that constantly anyway?) and secondly for the majority of the rest of the items on the list I could sum them up in just two words. As it happens two of the basic education principles:

Read and Write

  (I'm not doing the third basic education principal too, I'm not that crazy!) I just need to do these two things more and I'll be working towards all of the other things on my list. Wish me luck!

Now, what are your New Term resolutions?

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  1. that is a gorgeous diary! did you make the cover yourself? love it! plus love the cute cath kidston print in the background. Read and write...perfect new term resolutions!


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