Monday, 8 August 2011

Potty Training Triumphs

So I thought it must be time that I shared the adventures leading to our potty training triumphs! We were so proud of our big girl when this weekend in Starbucks she asked to go to the toilet and even though we had to wait for her daddy to get back she did and then happily went back with him (hand driers in public toilets are a whole new obstacle though, she does not like them at all and infact went with daddy on the promise that they didn't have to use one, obviously evil mummy had put her under one the day before!) I apologise in advance for all the attempts at toilet humour but if this isn't the place for it then really where is?!

It all started just over two months ago now, a week before V's 2nd birthday. She had started getting uncomfortable in her nappy, fiddling with it a lot, and asking for a new nappy whenever she'd had a wee. So on the Sunday I popped out to the shops and came back with this all singing all dancing 'mini toilet' (whatever you do do not mention the p word in front of V, in her words which she has to explain to Grandma all too often "It's NOT a potty, IT'S A TOILET!" *stamp of foot*) She was so excited to get it out of the box and we couldn't believe it when lo and behold she got straight on and had a wee!! Even more amazing was an hour or so later when we were sat around the table having her dinner she announced "I need to have a wee now" and climbed down and went to her 'toilet' and HAD A WEE!!!!!!

We couldn't believe it. Our daughter was officially a genius, potty training  accomplished in a matter of hours! I didn't blog, not wanting to tempt fate. Just as well really as then I would have had to print a retraction.

She was still quite good the next day but it was a case of bad timing really as three out of the next four days I would be at work for long days so V and her 'mini toilet' were transported to different environments. I think there was mixed success these few days but then when we were all home for the weekend again her love for her special toilet seemed somewhat diminished. Obviously it was already proven that she knew what to do, she just seemed to not want to do it at all and got angry at us for even suggesting that she use it! So after a couple of days of constant accidents I decided to stop asking and put the pull ups back on. I was disappointed. I didn't want to be going backwards but I also knew how important it was not to pressurise her into something she wasn't ready for.

We left her toilet next to ours in the bathroom and carried on as usual the next few weeks. Then once again she started fiddling with her nappy and just seemed so uncomfortable in it so I decided to go for it again. But this time I was armed with a secret weapon. Something my grandma had mentioned when I'd spoken to her in those initial few days but by the time I'd bought them were to be left languishing in the back of the draw when attempt no1 was abandoned. What is this secret weapon you might ask? 


As soon as I presented her with them she was thrilled to bits. She loved her big girl pants and wanted to put them on straight away. I explained that she would need to let us know if she needed to use her toilet or to just go and use it. And that is exactly what she did! I should have known that grandma knew best! I also think it was the fact that we just let her get on with it instead of asking her all the time. We should have known really as she is fiercely independent and most of what she does has to absolutely be on her own terms!

Of course that was no1s taking care of but no2s took just a little longer. For a while she has been quite self conscious about them and liked to take herself off and crouch down behind somewhere until she had finished. So I spent some time trying to spot when she needed one so I could direct her to her toilet or get her a pull up as she didn't want to come out of her hidy hole! One particularly pleasant day when I was making her lunch in the kitchen she came to grab my hand and take me back into the lounge "look Mummy, look!" she said excitedly pointing to a great big poop in the middle of the rug.

"How did that get there darling?" I ventured. To which she responded with one of her favourite phrases of that period:

"I don't know"

I didn't know how we were going to sort this one out, but in the end it just happened by happy accident. She had called me into the bathroom to hear her toilet singing after she'd had a wee and was happily sitting there singing along when we both heard a 'plop'. She looked surprised got up and had a look down. "Mummy, I had a poop!"

I was very excited and started heaping on the praise which went something like; "You're so clever having a number two on your toilet. Daddy will be so proud of you, I'm sure he'll buy you a present. And grandad (who had never changed a nappy until he became a childminder to his grandchildren) will be so pleased he'll probably buy you a great big present!"

V was beaming with delight and sat back down on her toilet. "Daddy and grandad will be so proud. Now I'm going to have a Number Six!"

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