Friday, 5 August 2011

Happyland Royal Wedding Set (Take 2)

I have spoken before of my interest/addiction/obsession with Kate Middleton, or I should say our new Duchess of Cambridge. My collection of Hello magazines is growing, as is my hair. I have hubby on the case to source me a 'Kate' bracelet. I'd love to say I'm getting skinnier but that would be a lie given another addiction I have to the very similar sounding but more calorie laden 'Cake'. So today when I saw this I couldn't help but give a little 'squee' with excitement.

You see I had pored over the initial edition but was so busy trying to ignore my obsession I missed out and I wanted it all the more desperately once it was sold out. And when I saw this I thought well that's strange (and annoying for all those who shelled out big bucks on ebay) that they would make more of what was meant to be a limited edition piece. But look closely, do you see what I see?... It's an updated version to more accurately depict what the royal wedding party actually wore on the day. I am beyond excited. For my daughter obviously *cough* she's the one who loves Happyland...

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