Thursday, 21 July 2011

Where's Mummy gone?

The other day I did something that I hoped I never would. You know when you're out at the shops/in a cafe/at a party and two women are talking and there is a small person in between them saying 'Mum mum mum MUM mum mum MUUUM'... over and over and getting no response? Yes, that. It wasn't in public at least but I'd just got to my mums after work and was talking to her and V was on my knee and it was some time before I realised what she was doing!

You see, not only did I feel a little awful that I was completely ignoring my offspring who was eager to get my attention after not seeing me all day. But it was what she was saying. I wasn't ignoring her on purpose, I just didn't realise she was speaking to me! 'Mum'?!! What had happened to 'Mummy'?!?!

Since then the instances where she has called me Mum in place of Mummy have multiplied. Often accompanied by something else indicating her struggle for independence.

            "Put me down Mum"

            "no Mum, it's not bedtime!"
            "Stop it Mum"

            "I don't like that Mum"

             "no Mum NO!!!!"

I have told her that I don't like her calling me Mum and I have tried to steer her back to calling me Mummy. And, as is always the case with my daughter she will still call me it on her own terms:

            "Please Mummy can I have some chocolate, pleeeeeaaaaaase MUUUUUMMMMMY!!!"

She's not daft.

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  1. My two are exactly the same, I think they pick up mum from cartoons


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