Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Vintage - old and new

Really I am quite a newbie on the 'vintage' scene and my collection is more Cath Kidston (which I am quite possibly addicted to!) than actual antiques. But a few of the things I do have are amongst my most favourite things and connected to some of my main interests.

My Grandma gave me this cake stand for displaying my efforts on and I love it. It's lead crystal, beautiful, sparkly and heavy and it inspires me to make my baking results worthy of being on it. Or even if they don't turn out quite right it injects so much glamour that you hardly notice ;) Obviously this picture also shows a bit of my 'new vintage' in my Cath Kidston oil cloth and milk jug. Love them.

These are some of my favourite books and they were once again sourced from my Grandmas but when I was growing up. My mum thought that I was crazy digging them out of her loft before V was born and I know there are more up there still to be found! I love their yellowing pages and the way that they smell and, of course, the wondrous worlds that lie within. They are on display in V's room and I'm hoping that she will grow up to love them as much as I do.

This post is for week 66 of The Gallery, for the theme 'vintage'. Head on over to see everyone else's treasures!


  1. How lovely that you have those old Enid Blyton books!

    I'm sure she will grow up to love them!

  2. Ooh I love the Enid Blytons. Always on the loo out for those at car boots and charity shops x

  3. - thanks, I tell her snippets of stories from them now and she does love them!x

    Five Go Blogging - they are fab aren't they. I really have to gig the others out! :)

  4. Oh I had those Enid Blyton books too I wonder where they ended up? Love that cake stand too, I have a similar pone and handed down by nan as well

  5. I had those books! You've inspired me to go hunting for mine for my baby!


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