Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Start spreading the news...

I was so excited to see the theme to this weeks gallery was travel. Travel is my passion and something which has consumed much of my life until the last few years which have found me grounded.

I thought of all the photos I might share with you of my year abroad when at Uni studying Modern Languages which I've been thinking about a lot I think due to the Royal Tour of Canada and a recent car journey where I listened to Madonna's Ray of Light (I spent half the year in Quebec and half in Spain at about the time Ray of Light was out) Unfortunately, these photos are from the pre-digital age and are boxed away in albums somewhere, I think in our loft if not my mums. But as I can't say for sure and as our loft is so inaccessible at the moment if I made my hubby spend his evening searching fruitlessly for them I might be facing a divorce. And that's before he's seen the pictures! (only joking darling)

After Uni, and before starting the job I'd secured I travelled independently around Australia but alas these photos (showing my age now) again are pre-digital. Even when I joined the real world and got my first 'proper' job it was to feed my love of travel while getting paid for it. Yes, I became a flight attendant.

I flew for ten years for various companies and had a fabulous time doing it. To start it was an entirely different type of travel to that as I was used to as a student. More Louis Vuitton bags and Five Star Hotels than Back Packs and Youth Hostels :) But it didn't take too long to get accustomed to the luxuries of it all! I was lucky enough to visit many amazing places and even now I still have to pinch myself to believe they put me up in gorgeous hotels and paid me for the privilege *sighs*

Most of the photos of these adventures  again are of the type we rushed off to the photo shop to have processed to find out what exactly we did get up to the night before, and again are confined to a loft somewhere, possibly luckily for any husbands watching ;)

So not really cutting a long story short at all (well actually you're very lucky as travel is one topic I could go on about forever) the photos I can share with you actually bring a bit of each of the parts of my travelling history together. They are of my favourite place I have ever been and probably the place I have been to most. I first went when I was at Uni in Quebec when we took advantage of a mid-term break to do some travelling to the US. Then as a Flight Attendant I flew there on various occasions over the years. And most recently (and best of all of course) I went with my husband for New Year 2007/8;

A city that doesn't sleep...

(sings) New York, NEW YORK!!!!

This post is for week 67 of The Gallery, for the theme 'travel'. Head on over to see where everyone else has been off to this week!


  1. I am very envious of your travels - I would love to visit New York. It's funny how it's buildings and blocks / avenues are so well known, I think I could have guessed the city just by looking at your great pics x

  2. well this is the post to be most envious of on this week's Gallery Inspiring though as I guess whilst you live, you can always start a new journey

  3. How great that you've got to experience so many travels through your work. I've been to New York but it's not my favourite American city - it is pretty incredible though. Fab pics :)

  4. wow how amazing. Those photos are stunning x

  5. Love New York - it makes me feel as if I am in a film! Great photos.


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