Tuesday, 12 July 2011

One Hundred and Sixty Six Million Pounds

One hundred and sixty six million pounds.ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY SIX MILLION POUNDS! How do you even start to decide what to do with a sum of money like that?! It does sound like a huge problem and one which I have vexed over these last few days.

First things first, we would have a lot to celebrate and a great deal of planning to do so I'd send hubby to Tesco for Champagne and a big box of Krispy Kremes!

To start with it would have to be a holiday somewhere fabulous. At first I thought I would like to go back to the amazing Pangkor Laut where we went on honeymoon, before quickly realising that would hardly be the same sort of experience with a toddler (and I'm not sure they would have us!) It would be our first real family holiday and as we're already in Europe in the summer with aforementioned toddler then I think it would be silly to venture too far when we have so many beautiful destinations so nearby.

I spent last Friday night looking up dream holidays so I am quite well informed of this. It could be here, where we drove past on our last two holidays to Turkey BV which were both amazing but this is meant to be the resort to be at. Or if I don't feel brave enough for a 4 hour hour flight with a toddler then somewhere I've never been but always wanted to go to is Menorca. And I'm sure hubby would put his bid in for Italy which I wouldn't be complaining about either.

Then there would be the obligatory shopping trip. Not yet being used to being a millionaire I think I'd be happiest on the high street. I don't think I'd be too extravagant, I would just love to be able to buy for all of us the things we see and wish we could have but can never afford. For me, this is new jeans, a few tops, a couple of dresses, some converse and a new pair of wedges.  Well okay, I might also pick up one of these.

Whilst we're on holiday we'll have time to think more on our new home. I think as a basic outline and as a starting point I'd like somewhere in our current area as our family home. A villa in Spain as it's where I've always dreamed of living. We can spend part the year there and bring V up bi-lingual as I'd always wished I was. And a crash pad in New York as it's my favourite city I've ever been to.

It's not all me me me, I promise! Of course I'd give a share to our families. It would be one of the best parts about winning to be able to begin to look after my parents the way I have always wished I could instead of them still being the ones always doing things for me. And I'd love to set up some sort of charitable trust to help all the causes close to our hearts.

Would I be the type of person to say 'I may have won the lottery but I'm not giving up my day job'? Erm... No! The greatest thing winning this sort of money could buy us is time. The ability to be able to choose what to do rather than be dictated to by the daily grind and working to pay the bills. And to be able to spend all the time we want to together as a family.

Yes, oh ye gods that control the Euromillions balls, you may let me win the jackpot tonight. It is a problem I am ready to face head on.

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