Thursday, 7 July 2011

Conversations with a two year old

It feels like our 25 month old has been talking forever. I can hardly remember a time when she couldn't tell us what she wanted, although I do recall her being a lot easier to please! Now, as well as being a right little chatter box and happy to hold a conversation with whoever she finds on the end of the phone (cold callers you have been warned!) she also fancies herself as a bit of a comedienne.

One night recently she was in our bed acting crazy. She had her hand in her mouth and was giggling and trying to say "I can't speak"

Hubby: "Oh V, what's got into you?"

V: "My finger!" *collapses in fits of giggles*

She is also very caring and affectionate, calling her cuddly toys and dolls "My friends", but I'm a little worried that she has a slightly darker side. On being handed the last remaining chocolate animal from her Easter stash (I know, it was a huge stash!) she stroked it's face and rubbed her nose gently against it like an Eskimo kiss: "Aww, little chick! She's gorgeous, she's soooooo cute!" She smiled at the chick and raised her big eyes up to me. Soooooo cute I thought, she thinks it's one of her 'friends'. Her eyes narrowed slightly. She looked back to the chick: "I bite her head off?" She nodded emphatically to herself whilst peeling back the paper...

Another 'friend' who was a little toooo irresistible

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