Monday, 11 July 2011

A Confession

I have a confession to make. I don’t know if you’d call it an addiction, obsession just seems too strong and fascination a bit weird. Whatever it is this week I have had to finally admit that I have it.
It crept up on me before I was really aware what was happening. Around about last November time I had an overwhelming desire to plan a day trip to Anglesey. Just to take V somewhere I used to go regularly as a child. Of course.
I may have picked up the odd magazine that had her picture on the cover. But that was because there were some interesting articles in there that I wanted to read. Obviously.
Then I found myself waiting to the end of the news to see the footage of their first public engagements. Well it’s the news. It’s educational.
Then with the wedding approaching and memorabilia available at every turn I trawled the internet deciding what I should buy. As an investment for the future you understand.
At last the day itself came and I planned a champagne brunch in front of the TV. My mum made a big occasion of watching the Royal weddings when I was little and I have lovely memories so I wanted to make this one a special day for V to remember.  And after all it was history in the making.
And so it should have ended. Except it didn’t. If anything it got worse.  I got all the Sunday papers to pour over the pictures. I told hubby I would love him forever (and do the dishes while he was out) if he’d get me the souvenir issue of Hello on the Tuesday. I mean, if I keep these they’ll be useful when V has a school project one day.
Then there were the pictures of her shopping at Waitrose, the reports on the honeymoon, meeting with the Obamas. I devoured every column inch (and had a few more dishes to wash) I haven’t owned this many weekly glossies since Posh Spice married that footballer and reigned supreme on the front of OK for an eternity.
It was when I saw the trailer for ITV 1s ‘Kate in Canada’ last week and scrambled for the remote to set a reminder that I knew I had to admit defeat. I have fallen. Hook, line and sinker. I want to know her every move, every wardrobe choice, every hairstyle. I wish I was that skinny. I am definitely keeping my hair long now. I want to learn how to apply proper eye liner after years of just avoiding it and using black eye shadow instead.
 And I am another step closer to turning into my mum…

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